Vibiemme is based in Milan, and has an extensive history and credibility in the international market of manufacturing traditional espresso machines spanning over 40 years.
The founder of Vibiemme was Mr Carlo Valente, also the founder of renowned FAEMA in 1945.
Vibiemme still holds the design patent for the E61 grouphead which is used in conjunction with the E64 grouphead on their models.

After the incredible achievement of the Vibiemme Super Domobar Double Boiler, Vibiemme has launched the Vibiemme Junior Domobar Double Boiler manual espresso machine. Like Vibiemme’s full-size line Vibiemme Junior Domobar Double Boiler also has separate steam boiler and coffee boiler, ability to extract espresso and steam milk simultaneously and ability to change the temperature of the water in the coffee boiler using an adjustable thermostat. The difference is the smaller foot print, water reservoir, drip tray and smaller boilers and no PID control. The Junior Domobar still boasts Vibiemme's exclusive and original E-61 grouphead found on the larger machines, large adjustable overpressure valve (OPV), multi-directional steam and hot water wands, commercial grade steam and hot water valves, pump and steam pressure gauges to indicate brew pressure and boiler pressure during espresso extraction and of course, gorgeous styling.

With the wonderful espresso machine history behind Vibiemme, it is no wonder that Vibiemme's machines are not only beautifully designed but also mechanically and technically refined to deliver superior cup results.